Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Slanket

My friend Brenda loves watching television dramas.

When we both lived in New York, she liked to set up a t.v. watching "kit" before she settled in for a night of tivoed Law & Order, which included: a half slice of pizza, some kind of cookie, a liter of room temperature diet Coke, and a blanket. This was all arranged on a large square of paper towel on the floor of my Upper West Side studio apartment. After a couple of times of doing this, I started adopting this habit (except I like watching the new Battlestar Gallactica).

The pizza: an oversized slice from Big Nicks on West 71st and Columbus (Mulberrys would be a good L.A. equivalent.) The cookie: probably a chocolate chip from City Bakery on West 18th (now there's a City Bakery in Brentwood). The blanket was always problematic, because it would always slide down and get foody.

So my addition to Bren's kit is The Slanket. I can confidently say it's the best new innovation for people who like curling up on sofas and falling asleep to t.v.

A Slanket is a large fleece blanket with loose sleeves for your arms. A BLANKET with SLEEVES. It solves the problem of your torso and neck getting chilly while you read or watch t.v. It's the best invention ever. Even better for my East Coast friends than us West Coasters. Good for moms, dads, Brens, people prone to chest chills, and single people going through a bad breakup and spend a lot of time curled up on the sofa.

Price: $54.95 from


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mindyephron said...
I don't mean to make it sound like bren is a loser who falls asleep watching tv. this only happens on nights she's not sucking face with andy samberg types at bungalow 8.

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