Thursday, March 06, 2008

Carol's Daughter Candy Paint

I don't care what the magazines say. The #1 way to age yourself is to wear lipstick. Matte, Shiny, it just doesn't matter. Lipstick is the worst. I can rail against lipstick forever. And even though it's supposed to accentuate the your pouty, feminine lips, I actually think lipstick can have a trying-too-hard or tranny-ish effect (ie. Christina Aguilera, Amy Winehouse, both lovely ladies...undone by lipstick!).

Lip gloss on the other hand, merveilleux!! Lip glosses make you look like a dewy princess who needs to be kissed. In this great era of no-fuss makeup, a cheerful blush and lip gloss are really all you need to look great.

I love Carol's Daughter, a line of body care and beauty products started by the very cool Lisa Price. Carol's Daughter is boutique line, but it's a huge celeb favorite, especially celebrities of color. If you go to her site, it's like all Tyra Banks and Mary J. Blige all glistening and naked and raving about their products. Awesome.

The candy paint is the best consistency. It's gel-y but not thick, and doesn't come off immediately if you drink a soda. It will probably need a re-application or two during the day, because lipgloss isn't spackle, you guys. Get a grip. (Honestly, would you really LIKE it if your lip gloss didn't EVER come off during the day? Weird chemical glueyness! Yuck). There's lots of choices for lipglosses out there, but Candy Paint is great because of the colors.

Ever wonder how Beyonce or J.Lo have perfect pink-and-gold sparkle Aztec Goddess lips? I swear it's because of Bossy, the all-over gold gloss that looks great over a pink shade of lipliner or amazing just by itself. And the basic pinks are fantastic too, not that wimpy stuff you get at Sephora which looks all cool in the tube but comes out like clear nothingness. My other favorites are Park Avenue Pink and Purple Reign.

Also: Check out Carol's Daughter's body butters.
They're scented, so for me, I don't use them every day, but on weekends, it's a good ritual to butter up your elbows and knees, and the skin on your knuckles and stuff. It has lasting effects, even if you only do it once a week.

Your boyfriend can do it too! In fact he should. He's the one who gets to handle your soft little joints, he owes it to you to have soft ones too. I like their "Love" Body Butter, which is technically unisex, which is a funny notion to me, because if Ben were to buy "Love Body Butter" of his own volition, I'd assume he was secretly gay or cheating on me with Jada Pinkett Smith.

Candy Paints: $13.50
Body Butters: $18.00

available at

Or go visit her store in Fort Greene, Brooklyn! It's down the street from Spike Lee's Forty Acres and A Mule Production Company front. Cool.


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