Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dwell Studio bedding

When I feel guilty about spending money, it's mostly on shoes.

"This could be 30 yogilates classes." I say, or "This could be a year long membership to MOCA" or "This could be vaccinations for Third World children." (I live a very glamorous, artsy, altruistic life).

Sadly, I think that's the case for most of us. In Family Feud, they would come up #1 on the list of "Things Women spend their Rent Money On That Isn't Rent". But designer bedding is the silent killer of women's checkbooks. It really is.

I love bedding for several reasons. Making ones bed is such a chore that at least when it is made, it should be pleasing to look at. Also, I have a king sized bed, and it takes up so much room it has to serve as it's own kinda cool-looking art piece or it's a waste.

But finding cool, comfy, unusual bedding is totally difficult. Until Dwell Studio!

Dwell Studio bedding is the simplest, most easy way of procuring instant style. I don't have the kind of Martha Stewart eye where I know how to turn vintage drapes into flat sheets and pair them with some cool pillow from the Fairfax flea market or whatever and voila I have the coolest bed ever. I'm jealous of, and hate those people.

But Dwell Studio's stuff is so nice, it looks like you did go out and dig through one-of-a-kind linens at an antique store. I mean, check out these unbelievable chinoiserie sheets:

Birds, you guys. Fucking adorable BIRDS perched on branches on your motherfucking BED that you can gaze at when you fall asleep. I love waking up looking at my bluejay, and telling it my nightmares.

Dwell Studio is also great because they're modern but not that antiseptic American Psycho ultra-mod, so you don't feel like you live in some bachelor pad. Also, when girly, it's like gorgeous eerie birds, and not huge dense Laura Ashley flower patches or whatever, so guys won't feel weird using these sheets.

Also, and this is the most important: this stuff is amazingly comfortable.

There's also cool stuff for babies, if having a cool baby is important to you.

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