Friday, November 16, 2007


I'm not going to lie, you guys. These past two weeks have been a bit terrifying for this shopping blogger. Nothing makes you feel queasy about buying a holographic Christmas Snoopy lawn ornament

or a fall 2007 Diane von Furstenberg taffeta party skirt like the fact that you have no day job.

So I spent the first two weeks of strike picketing and thinking: will I turn ascetic as my income disappears? Will I get my hair cut at Fantastic Sams rather than at John Freida? Will I watch "The Closer" on repeats or will I continue spending $14 on tickets at the Arclight?

The answer is no, people. I will go into horrible, debilitating debt. And why? The handfuls of people who read this blog must be entertained. Remember radio comedies during the Depression? I don't, I'm not even sure the radio was invented then, but I'm pretty sure it was. And what would those sockless Depression-era Americans have done without the bathtub song stylings of Radio Joe or whatever? I'm like those guys. This country was founded on debt. We need debt to thrive and stuff (This is my cursory understanding of what debt is from my high school Econ class).

Yeah, so, I shall continue. Fuck yeah, I'll buy Christmas lawn ornaments.

This massive rationalization has been brought you to by Mastercard.

DVF skirt: $325,
holographic Snoopy Santa: $99


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