Friday, November 30, 2007

Shoes with Bows

I love the holiday season because normal people get infected with the painful consumerism disease that I suffer from all year round. At the insane Marc Jacobs shoe sale at Macys at the Beverly Center last weekend, I saw a woman around my age clutching her extra 20% coupon all white-knuckled, like it was the Willy Wonka's golden ticket and she would die if she lost it. I laughed inwardly at her. "Zealous shopping weirdo," thought I. Then I noticed that the reason I hadn't been clutching my coupon so hard was that my nervous hand perspiration had rendered it limp and damp long ago.

Similarly, holiday fashion is when normal women start dressing in blingy metallics and frillery, the way I dress (often innapropriately) all year round. Holiday parties are for bling what Halloween is for slutty apparel - you can go all out and no one will judge. I chalk this up, by the way, to the common non-denomonational twinkliness of the holiday season:

Christmas trees, menorahs, Rudolph's nose, Ganesh's get the drift.

So use this time of year, when closed toed shoes are a must, to ditch your square toe pumps and boring old boots, and invest in some shoes with bows.

Shoes with bows make you look like a gift.

Check it:

Marc by Marc Jacobs peep toe patent pumps.

Jeans and boring sweater all you have clean?? Has glamorous picketing made a dent in the amount of cute outfits you have?? No problem. Marc Jacobs coolifies any boring outfit with his conversation-starting shoes. You might even consider stopping combing your hair and showering, Mr. Jacobs has your cute covered!!*

(*I write for Teen Cosmo).

$272 (sale!) at

Delman raspberry bow "Work" flats.

Can't take the heels? Don't! Keep your toes pinch-free in these crazy cute flats.
Price: $147 (sale!) at

Another sound flats option:

Look at that princely purpley blue! With jeans and a cable knit sweater, you'll look so bookish but fun.

Another JCrew delight (in a wedge, so far more comfortable than a straight heel):

JCrew, you guys. I love JCrew this year. They have the preppy-gone-crazy look with colors and materials that I absolutely adore.
Price: $89 (sale!) and $69 for the wedge. Fun fact: Kelly Kapoor and Mindy Kaling both wear JCrew shoes all the time.

And if you're a decadent It Girl who has a New Years Eve date with Bruce Wayne (and you kinda maybe think he might be Batman already), it really behooves you to borrow a grand from your parents and buy these gems.

Christian Louboutin, $925,


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