Monday, November 19, 2007

Anquilla Console Lantern

I love lanterns. I love scenes in movies like "From Hell" where you see guys lighting street lamps in old-timey London.

I also really like candles, but feel on principle I should hate them. Look, I'm as into romance as the next person - I'm basically Miss Piggy - but if I have to see another scene in a major network dramedy where the male lead has lit - as a romantic surprise for his plucky unwitting female co-star - hundreds of candles in his bedroom, I am going to puke.


Ew, my skin is crawling!

In addition to being on strike for a number of good reasons, I'm boycotting tv shows who show people lighting MORE THAN THREE CANDLES IN A ROOM AT A TIME. It's just dangerous.

But, yes, these lanterns are amazing. Use them instead of table lamps. I just want someone from "Brothers & Sisters" or something to read this and use THESE in a seduction scene.

For: People who want to be comfy and read books on the sofa with their Slanket (see archives) and be totally cute doing it.

Price: $150 (on sale!)


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