Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mindy Kaling Staples, Part Two

1. Chili Garlic Sauce

A lot of people like spicy food. One thing Danny and I have in common is that we also love spicy food, but usually it's not spicy ENOUGH for us. The extra-spicy Chili Garlic sauce is a delicious Vietnamese hot sauce that you will enjoy. I eat it on everything! It's great in chicken noodle soup, omelettes, even potato chips. Danny likes it better than Tabasco and I kind of agree.

Chili Garlic sauce is a hotter, more watery cousin to the more popular Thai Sriracha.

Sriracha has a nice sweet taste to it and only ranks a 2000 on the scoville scale. (the Scoville scale is the "hotness" scale that measures the nerve reactions in your mucus membranes to spicy foods. Totally interesting. Check it out on wikipedia.)

Price: $4.99, Whole Foods or any Asian or Indian grocery store.

2.Sherpani Meta Gym Bag

At my gym the lockers are very narrow. Most duffel bags are too wide, and so I used to have to half-empty out my bag to fit into the locker. Lame. Then I bought this awesome gym bag, narrow and pretty-colored, and my problems are solved.

There's also a helpful key fob so you can hook your carkeys on it (you just have to buy a carabiner), and an interior pocket for a water bottle to stay cool.

Price: $62.00 (comes in other cute colors, including a very pretty lime)

3. Blinc heated lash curler

Every girl who loves makeup knows the eyelash curler is one of the most indispensable tools to making your face look like a doe. But not everyone knows about this awesome (and totally safe) HEATED lash curler from blinc.

A small triple-A battery is all you need to warm this up for months. The result is outrageously curled, Betty Boop, "Oh my god, that girl must be stupid her lashes are so long", lashes. You can save all that money you were going to spend on the fancy Lancome mascara and use it to buy this curler. Seriously, one of the great little gimmicky gems that has actually panned out in my years of buying cosmetic junk.

Price: $25