Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Stick

In honor of the Boston Marathon, I am posting about my favorite running aid, the unimaginatively named "The Stick".

When I run my calves get sore and crampy. Oh man. The cramps are wicked, these insanely painful charley horse type things, where you can like, see the muscle curl up and die when you look at my calf. Gross. Painful.

I remember to stretch and I take potassium and it's not like I'm running some Kenyan amount, so I was like what the hell, make this stop.

But it all got so much better when I began to use the amazing The Stick. It's basically a long baton covered in heavy plastic beads with two handles on the end.

You massage it over your sore muscles and the beads use the pressure of your arms to really penetrate into your worked-out, tired muscles.

Have your friend or boyfriend "stick" you and it's even better. (pfffftt heee chortle! another plus to using this product are the endless hilarious innuendo jokes you can make about it; best name of a thing since the poop deck.)

Good for: people who work out who get sore easily or, like me, have a painful problem area. Also a terrific present for friends who are beginning to start an exercise regime, or just plain like massages and stuff.

Price: $40 (I love this company but they do try to make you buy a bunch of useless extra shit. Just get the plain old Original Stick and you won't need anything else, I promise).


Blogger cijl said...

Do you think it's possible for me to get the benefits of The Stick by using a stick?

8:30 PM  
Blogger mindy ephron said...

I know what you're insinuating and I don't like it.

11:01 PM  

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