Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

There is little worse in the world than a whitehead.

Except if you are Indian and have DARK SKIN and you have a WHITEHEAD. And then you are forced to go on NATIONAL TELEVISION with a whitehead, and the person you're doing a scene with, Benjamin Joseph Novak (or "Ben-Jo") has PERFECT CLEAR skin and a total NAIVE INFURIATING ATTITUDE about acne, and he wrinkles and his nose and asks "what's that thing on your chin?".

I hate to say whiteheads are worse for me, but they totally are, you guys.

I have oily skin. For years people tell me it's good cuz later, when I'm old, all those oils will make my skin less wrinkly or whatever than the drier, porcelain skin of my white girlfriends. I think it's an Indianized modification of the saying "Black don't crack". But I also think it's crap because because by the time I'm old enough to have wrinkles I'll be dead from a coke overdose anyway, and technology will be such that my white friends can buy brand new faces.

What am I talking about...yes, pimple fighting.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. What a great little spot treatment this is.

It's a weird yellow potion with chalky acne-fighting sediment in the bottom of it. You take a Q-tip, push it to the bottom of the vial, get some of that gunk on it and put in on your whitehead. By days end, the whitehead will dry up and disappear. What I even sometimes do is pop my zit, let all the gross juicy badness ooze out, then smack a dollop of Badescu on there. It stings in such an awesome way, where you feel confident those bad acne particles are getting executed big-time.

You can even wear makeup OVER it, just let it dry first. This way you can fight horrible whiteheads all day, even while you're fighting crime or whatever.

Good for: anyone you know who breaks out. Probably should NOT give this as a gift.

Price: $17


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