Monday, April 23, 2007

"Deathproof" Couture

I recently saw Grindhouse.

It was one giant fucking gore porno movie. I enjoyed it a great deal, although to be fair, about a third of the movie I had my face buried in my companion's sleeve, I was so fucking terrified. I especially loved the dry and wonderful Nicky Katt, who has arguably the grossest scene in the film, and of course, the magnificent Eli Roth.

"Deathproof" was Tarantino's film, which was the second half of Grindhouse. I want to take a moment to talk about how fucking awesome the girls looked in this movie.

While they are still alive, these girls were wearing some of the baddest Texas shorts-shorts I have ever seen. The look of deep summer Tarantino created was so awesome, because it was girls in their twenties and early thirties rocking a mad teenagery look that is a cool update from the "shorts and wife beater and strings of chains" girls are wearing everywhere now. Check them out:

So, I now officially have Shorts Fever. Here are some of my favorites for the season.

These are my most prized possession of late, these unreal silver Mint dress shorts.

They don't nearly as cool in this photo. You have to go to the website and zoom in. You'll thank me. They are sick. I find myself zoning out at work while people are diligently coming up with Jim-Pam storylines and thinking about my legs in these shorts.

Forever21 has some unusual shorts too.

These high-waisted pinstripes look adorable with either a poofy little white top or even one of those ridiculous American Apparel leotards you always look at quizzically.

Dace made this shorts jumper that will probably be my uniform in the heat of August 2007. They make me wish I owned (and knew how to use) rollerskates.

Lastly, our friends at Charlotte Ronson, er, Charlotte, has come up with the best basic shorts for the season.

These casual khakis can be dressed down with flip flops or dressed up with kitten heels and a flowy black silk tank.

Good for: Girls west of New York City (trying to get my New York sisters to wear shorts is a total lost cause.)

Mint shorts: $260
Pinstriped shorts: $19.99
Dace jumper: $186
Charlotte Ronson khaki roll-ups: $180


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